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Elvis reviews...Vikings go Berzerk
There are lots of things that I love about doing Casino reviews as my day job. I won’t even tell you what my night job is.

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There are only two ways it could be any better. The first would be to have someone feed me fried chicken while I play the Casino slots. The second would be to play these great games using free spin bonuses or even better…free spins no deposit bonuses. Why play with my own money when I can play with someone else’s?

I’ve listed all the great Free Spin & Bonuses offers right here so take a look to see what you can get. In some cases you might have to open an account but that shouldn’t take long at all. About as long as it takes me to eat a Big Mac meal.

But right now let me talk about this great new slot that I’ve been playing all afternoon. It’s called ‘Vikings go Berzerk’. It’s actually a sequel to game supplier Yggdrasil’s earlier slot Vikings Go Wild, meaning it does share some of its characteristics and themes.  I’m always a bit wary of sequels. Yeah, the Godfather Part II wasn’t far behind the first but if you look at other movies like The Fast and the Furious or Mission Impossible…they don’t really get better as the number at the end increases.

But I needn’t have worried with this one.  

Theme and graphics

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not particularly hot at History. Here in Nevada it’s not that big a deal. Unless you’re talking about the history of the Las Vegas Casino or what used to happen when Elvis came to town in the 60s and 70s .

So I had to get my encyclopedia out and read up about these Viking guys, the stars of this slot. They were sailor guys from northern Europe but there wasn’t much trading and commerce going on with these people. If they liked something, they took it. They were strong, good warriors and pretty violent characters.

Oh, yeah. I also had to look up what berzerk meant.  It means going crazy or out of control and came from the word ‘bezerkers’, who were Viking warriors who used to go into battle without any protection and fought in a transe-like state. A bit like Mike Tyson back in the day. 

It’s an awesome-looking slot in terms of graphics, symbols and sound effects. It’s a 5x4 reel slot and you’ll see some longships (the boats the Vikings used, I had to look that up, too) around the reels. There are some bronze, silver and gold coins and then there are the four different Vikings.

The first two look like the sort of people you really don’t want to be meeting in a dark alley. Unless Mike Tyson was next to you. Actually, I’m not sure even good old ‘Iron Mike’ could handle those two with their huge arms and big bush beards. Those are proper beards. Not like those hipster guys who have these big beards then spend all day drinking mochachinos and eating quiche.

The third Viking looks like he’s more of a wizard or something like that.  You know, like that Gandalf guy out of Lord of the Rings. Lastly, there’s a girl Viking. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but this girl looks like she means business. She even has this blue war paint on and everything. She probably had five older Viking brothers when she was growing up and that’s how she got so tough. Probably.

Then there’s a Wild symbol and a Free Spin symbol, which is a Siren. What’s a Siren? A Siren was a woman or winged creature who lured sailors and their boats onto rocks by singing lullabies. There are a few beautiful Sirens at the bottom of the reels, too. They kinda look a bit like that Katy Perry if you ask me. I wouldn’t mind being lured somewhere by her. Anywhere…

How the base game works

It’s a 5x4 set of reels with 25 paylines.

The three types of coins are the symbols that appear the most and to say the gold coins are the most valuable of those three is as obvious as saying that no meal is complete without bacon.

The four Vikings are more valuable and can reward you with up to 250 coins. But there’s more to getting wins with the Vikings than what first meets the eye.  Check the section below to see exactly what happens.

The Wild symbol can substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter (the Siren/Free Spin) icon.

From time to time it’s worth giving the Maximum Bet button a push. As I always say, sometimes you gotta go the whole way or go home!

But things just get better…as you’ll see in the special features.

Special Features

This slot has more special features than Tiger Woods has had beautiful and blond partners. Shall we go through them like I go through a family-size packet of Doritos during the commercial break of Modern Family? Let’s do it.

Viking goes Bezerk free spins

Every time you secure a win with a particular Viking, it will help boost their rage meter. A bit like my own rage meter increasing when they take too long with my order at Hooters.

When the rage meter is full for a particular Viking, you’ll instantly get 7 free spins and the Viking who got angrier than Paris Hilton at a ‘no dogs allowed restaurant’ goes bezerk.

During any of the free spins in the slot, when a Viking appears it will have a fight with one of the Sirens and will either win or lose. In this feature, the Viking who instigated the free spins will always beat the Siren (because it went bezerk) and the Siren will turn Wild for the remaining free spins.

Ragnarok Free Spins

If you activate the free spins as a result of getting 3 Scatter Symbols, you’ll get the Ragnarok free spins and you can get as many as 21 of them. In this feature, all of the Vikings go berzerk. So that’s four very dangerous, very strong, very cheesed off Vikings defeating every Siren in the game every time and turning them as Wild as Lindsey Lohan on a night out with too many tequila shooters. Before you know it there are a load of Wild symbols on those reels meaning the potential for big wins is huge.

Treasure Chests

There are two types of Treasure Chests (regular on Reel 4, Golden on Reel 5) that can appear in the base game and if you get them, you’ll win a prize. It can be a big payout of coins or it can be the activation of free spins. Goes without saying the prizes you can win are bigger with the Golden chest.

It’s also worth adding that before any type of free spins, you’ll be get a little extra present before you play them. A bit like a starter on the house at a diner. You can get Wild Reels, extra free spins or other goodies.

This slot doesn’t have Jackpot bonuses but in light of what I’ve just said, there’s more than enough in terms of features for them not to be missed.

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Elvis’ closing thoughts

The conservative thing to say is that this is much better than Vikings go Wild. But I’m going to go even further. This slot rocks like Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock would rock on a quarry full of rocks on that little island they call the Gibraltar rock. That’s how much it rocks. The sexy Sirens, those crazy Vikings and the excitement of the Vikings going to battle with the Sirens got old Elvis here a little hot under the collar.

It’s a classy game and I’ll bet you’re going to love it as much as Donald Trump loves a sunbed.

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