Sin City Nights - Review

Elvis plays...Sin City Nights

You know me, folks. I’m Vegas through and through. Born and bred in the City of Sin in the good old state of Nevada. This is where I’ve spent my whole life and where one of these days I’ll munch down my last burger and wash it a down with a cool glass of rye. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So I was pretty excited to come across a slot machine called Sin City Nights that’s all about my home town. But I’m not here to be biased about it in my casino reviews just because it’s about Vegas. When you have fun, I have fun. So I want to tell it to you straight about what I thought of it.

What’s it all about and how does it look?

The Sin City Nights slot is Vegas through and through. Neon lights, Casino chips, sports cars parked out front, a fake Eiffel Tower. Well, I’d think the only thing more Vegas than this game would be the King himself.

Oh, yeah there’s also a pretty little showgirl to the right of the reels. Her name is Chardonnay Velvet. Well, at least that’s what I’m calling her. I love showgirls. There was this one time that I was just minding my own business half-way to getting a big win on slots when this one girl- Emerald her name was- and she comes over and starts chatting and before I know it we’re…well I’ll have to finish that story some other time. But all I’ll say is she’s ‘Always on my mind.’

The showgirl in the game does this cute little dance every time you get a win, claps her hands, snaps her fingers. She’s money. 

It’s a 5x3 slot and most of the symbols are playing cards in neon lights but there are also some cherries, bells and the Golden 7. There’s a Wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols to help you win, except for the Scatter. The Scatter is the ‘Free Spins’ symbol. More on that later.

What happens when you spin the reels?

Any three of the same symbols anywhere on the reels (including with the help of the Wild) and it’s ‘winner winner chicken dinner’. If you get five Golden 7s on your active payline, it’s Jackpot time, baby. You’ll win 12,500 credits with the next biggest win coming from getting five golden bells. That will give you 5,000 credits and that’s still enough dough to cover the entry of a heck of a lot of all-you-can-eat buffets. Not that there’s much left of them after I’ve paid them a visit!

With every win you get, some of the symbols explode and are replaced by others, giving you the chance to win again. Not only that but after each win, the multiplier will go up by one. That means that if you get a second winning spin that will be multiplied by two, the third one will be multiplied by three and so on. All the way up to a possible 15x.

After every win you secure, you can choose to gamble your win. To the right of the ‘Spin’ button there’s another button that says ‘Double Up.’ Press it and decide whether you want to gamble half your win or the whole lot. Me? As I always like to say ‘Go the whole way or go home.’ The whole lot it is. But that’s just me.

At this point Chardonnay will ask you if you want heads or tails. She’ll then spin the Casino chip.

You can double up as much as you want.

Special Features

If you get x3 the Free Spins symbol, you’re on your way to getting…Free Spins! A new set of reels will appear and the it’s the same deal as on the base game except the multipliers are even better. They’ll start at 3x, then it’s 6x, 9x and 15x. Want to know what time it is when those free spins get going? I’ll tell you what time is it: it’s 25 money-making minutes past rich o’clock!

Time for tech talk

You know me. I love my smartphone almost as much as I love Happy Hour. Well, I’ve played this slot on my smartphone and it’s as sweet as a piece of apple pie and cream. Easy to play and the sound and visual effects are all there.  And hey, why not tell the world about a big win on those free spins? Use a social media app and share your joy with your buddies.

Elvis’ closing thoughts

The Vegas theme was just the icing on the Sin City Nights cake because even without that, it’s a top class slot we’ve got here, folks. Wins come regularly and those multipliers can quickly turn a small original win into something big.

And sometimes you gotta ask yourselves: ‘You feeling lucky, cowboy?’ If you are, use that Double Up option; it’s what it’s there for.

But of course it’s the free spins that can really make your day. If you could get on a roll, that bank balance can go up quicker than Usain Bolt when he’s late for his flight. This is one of the rare slots that gets the full Elvis ‘double pistol’.


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