Joker Pro - Review

When I sat down to start writing a casino review about the Joker Pro slot machine it got me thinking. Boy, have I met some Jokers in my time.
There’s this one who works down at the restaurant that has this amazing buffet: steak, fried chicken, onion rings, those ‘slider’ burgers, the lot. All for 14 bucks 99 (why not just make it 15?). It’s open 1-3 every Tuesday and a couple of times I’ve been like 2 minutes late (ok, 10 minutes) and the guy says ‘I’m very sorry, sir. You’ve missed the buffet by 9 minutes and 15 seconds.’ So I said ‘Oh yeah, if I’ve missed the buffet then how come there’s still a load of food on it?’. What a joke.

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But the biggest joker of all is Donald Trump. I’ve eaten oranges less orange than that guy. Well, mostly I squeeze them and drink them with vodka but you get the point. So the guy wants to build a wall to stop the Mexicans coming into the US of A. If he wants to keep the Mexicans out then that’s his problem but what am I meant to do when I get a big win on slots and want to celebrate in style by driving down to Acapulco? Elvis here does a lot of things very well but Elvis doesn’t do climbing big walls.

Now, before I tell you about this great new casino slot Joker Pro, I just want to remind you folks about a few things.

There are always a load of free spin bonuses, including free spins no deposit bonuses on offer across all of the online casinos.

Theme and graphics

Joker Pro is made by those geniuses at NetEnt. And I don’t use that word lightly. Elvis Presley, yes. Tiger Woods, yes. That Sheldon guy out of Big Bang, yes. The guy who invented the Calzone pizza, definitely. But there aren’t that many more. And if you invented the likes of Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, South Park and Jack Hammer then you deserve to be on that list, too.  

It’s very much a classic 5x3 reeler and lots of the symbols are the type that you used to get on real old school slots. The kind I used to play back in the 80s when you could still buy a burger, chips and a Budweiser for under 5 bucks. Now you’re lucky if you can get a Bud Light for that money.

In addition to Bar symbols, lucky 7s, bells and diamonds you’ve also got symbols that you’d associate with luck. There’s a lucky horseshoe and a four-leaf clover, normally associated with the Irish. I love the Irish. First they invented Guinness. Then they invented a day- St. Patrick’s Day- where all everyone does all day is drink Guinness. I’m putting the whole Irish population on my list of geniuses.

But despite the olds-school symbols, it’s one of those super slots with a real modern look and feel to it. Everything looks clean, polished, bright and new. Visually, it’s a really top-shelf slot. But then again, we’ve come to expect that from NetEnt.


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How the base game works

As with any other self-respecting slot, you have the option to adjust your coin value, use the Autoplay function if you don’t want to be pressing the spin button all the time or and you can also select Max Bet. Yep, one big spin for big cash. That’s my kind of button. Go the whole way or go home! As I like to say.

Now, if you were expecting to hear about what all the symbols do and different stuff that happens in the base game, you’re going to be as disappointed as I was when they turned the McDonald’s at the end of my road into a fruit and vegetable shop.

It’s just not that kind of slot. This is simple, uncomplicated, beautiful stuff. Like a girl who gets into college on a cheerleading scholarship.  All you need to know is that you need between three and five matching symbols to get yourself a win. An interesting aspect of this game is that with many slots you only need two symbols in a row to win, not three. But then again, there are only six symbols in the game rather than eight or nine like there are in other games so it evens itself out.

But there is a cool feature. 

Special features

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention a Wild when talking about the symbols. Well, there is a Wild but it doesn’t really do what it would do in most other games. Normally a Wild substitutes for other symbols but here it acts more like a Scatter. It’s a big colourful Joker’s hat. The sort of thing I’d wear to a wedding of an ex-girlfriend. You know, just to ruin her big day.  

Anyway, instead of needing two or three Scatter symbols like in most games, you only need to get one. What happens next is the best thing I’ve seen since Wolf of Wall Street came out. Geez, those guys knew how to party.

When you activate them you hear a very deep voice similar to those guys on gameshows who tell you that you’ve just won a microwave, a vacuum cleaner and a speedboat. A speedboat? Real useful stuff when you live in Vegas, a city that’s in the middle of the…desert.

Anyway, he says ‘Stickkkkkky Wild’ and then ‘Reeeeeeeee-spins.’  It’s funny as hell.  

What happens here is that Reels 1 and 5 become Wild whilst Reels 2, 3 and 4 spin. If you happen to get a Wild during the re-spin you’ll activate more free spins but because of the fact that the Reels 1 and 5 are full Wilds, you’ll almost always walk away with a good prize. Get a couple of extra Wilds and you really will be laughing all the way to the bank. 

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Here’s a joke I heard earlier. If you need Facebook to remind you it's your wife's birthday, I hope you own a comfortable couch.

It’s funny because it’s true.

But joking aside, I love Facebook, Twitter and all the other Social Media apps. It saves me from actually having to talk to people. You know, in person. With real words.

So be like Elvis. If you find a slot you love, just like I loved Joker Pro, tell the world about it on a Social Media app.

Elvis’ closing thoughts

I like this slot. It’s proof that a game doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. It looks cool, you always know what’s going on and I like the fact that visually it looks very modern but the symbols and feel of it are quite old school.

But there’s no doubt who the star of the show is here. The guy with the voice. Not just because you know you’ve got the all-important re-spin with Sticky Wilds coming up but because it makes me laugh every single time I hear it. Which is appropriate given the slot is called Joker Pro!  Why dont you try it out here at BGO Casino!