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Elvis reviews...Dragon Kingdom

When you’re doing Casino reviews, you’ll inevitably come across slot machines that don’t really do it for you for some reason. Sometimes it’s the theme, other times it’s that they have less action going on in the slots than a burger truck at a vegetarian’s convention.

But by the same token, it’s great when you’re trawling through different Casinos and find a super slots that tick every box. A bit like Heather Graham would tick every box in terms of becoming my…er...third wife. Sometimes it’s the big win on slots that does it, others it’s the Jackpots that pay for that week of sea, sand and steak sandwiches. Other times it’s free spins that just keep on coming which boost your bank like a visit from Bill Gates.

One of the great things about online Casinos these days is that there’s no shortage of ways you play slots for real money without risking your own money. Lots of companies offer free spins, free spin bonuses and some of them with no deposit needed.

And Dragon Kingdom is certainly a keeper whether you’re playing with your own money or not. This is an action-packed slot that’s highly entertaining. So if you’re going to open an account today and use your free spin bonuses when you sign up on just one game, you could do a lot worse than play Dragon Kingdom.

Theme and graphics of the slot

Every Sunday afternoon I hit the big lunchtime buffet at Fat Joe’s. I’ve gone to that place so many times they actually reserve a table for me without me having to call and have named a cocktail after me: Elvis’ Sunday stomach settler. It’s a mixture of a load of herbs, a few fruits and some bourbon and helps me digest my big lunch. But the other thing I like doing after my buffet lunch is to watch Game of Thrones. I love those crazy elves and dragons and all the bickering that goes on. Not many Christmas cards exchanged between that lot.

And I thought of it is because Dragon kingdom reminds me of Game of Thrones in terms of its design, appearance and theme. Symbols include a Spell Book, Potions, a Witch and a Wizard. And hey, check this out: the Wizard looks a lot like that Chris Hemsworth guy. You know, the one who likes to play Thor. Lower value symbols are the usual playing cards but there’s plenty more.

The Dragon is the Wild which kinda makes sense. Not the sort of animal to curl up on your bed at night! Then there’s the Dragon Split feature that appears on Reel 5, more on that one later. Finally, there’s a beautiful Floating City which is the Scatter.

How the base game works

It’s a 5x3 reel slot and it allows you to adjust the size of your stake, how many lines you want to be in play and gives you the option of Auto Play. There’s also a shortcut in the form a Bet Max button that will automatically wager the highest stake on the next spin. Perfect for players like who can occasionally get a little impatient. Go the whole way or go home! As I’ve been known to say…

The best thing about Fat Joe’s Sunday buffet are the pork chops. I don’t know where that Fat Guy buys his chops but he seems to marinade them in a sweet mustard and honey sauce and the result is they’re the best pork chops in town. If that Dragon got a hold of those chops I think he’d give up trying to eat us humans and would sit down on the table right next to me at Fat Joe’s with a knife and fork!

And the best thing about the base game in the casino slot is the Dragon Split feature. If you get the Split symbol on Reel 5 (it looks like a big hatching red egg) as part of a wining spin, the Dragon will fly to the last symbol that made up the winning combination, split it in two and thus increase the size of your win because it will count as two symbols making up a win, rather than one. What that means is that you can actually have a 6-way winning combination rather than just 5-way. Cool eh?

Special Features

I know what you’re thinking. A character who looks like Chris Hemsworth and a Dragon who flies around the reels and splits other symbols in two. That’s as good as it gets, right? Wrong. Things just get better! Especially when you activate the free spins.  

Three of those Floating City symbols gives you 15 free spins and just before you start them you’ll be awarded a Multiplier between 2x and 5x. With each winning spin you get, the Multiplier will go up by 1 (up to a maximum of 5) and with each non-winning spin it will go down by 1.

The Scatter symbol is also present in the Free Spins round as an extra Wild, except it can’t replace other Wilds or the Split Wild symbols. If you get three or more Scatter symbols during the free spins, you can look forward to additional free spins. Which I suppose is like going to Happy Hour and still finding that the first drink is on the house.

There are no Jackpots in the game but a good run on the free spins, preferably by getting that multiplier up to 5X and re-activating those free spins can more than make up for the absence of a Jackpot.

Be sociable and talk about it on Social Media!

You know me. I love my smartphone almost as much as I love cocktail waitresses on their night off.  

Well, I’ve played this slot on my smartphone and it was just as good as when I gave it a go on my laptop. I got some strange looks when I told my buddy Chuck I had some dragons flying around in my pocket but it was true! So I logged onto Facebook, Twitter and a few other mobile apps to tell my pals how much I was enjoying playing Dragon Kingdom. Why don’t you do the same?  

Elvis’ closing thoughts

This is one of the better slot machines I’ve played recently and even if you’re not into the whole fantasy thing, you’ll still enjoy the features with the Dragon Split feature particularly amusing and the free spins pretty generous: it’s not often you get 15 free spins straight up on a slot.

But all this shouldn’t come as any big surprise. Playtech are to slots what Subway is to fast food: one of the leading players who are consistently good and rarely disappoint.

Free spins, bonuses and other offers

There are loads of free spin & bonuses offers, sign-up offers, free spin bonuses and the all-important free spin no deposit promos just waiting to be claimed. Take a look at my Casino reviews here at www.freespinbonuses.com to see who’s offering what. It’s a bit like that online shopping business. You’ve got a load of people selling the same stuff so it’s up to you to shop around and find the best deals for you. I’ve summarized what everyone is offering but you have to choose what’s right for your needs.

Last thing: if you fancy sharing your thoughts with Elvis and his loyal readers about what rocks your Casino boat, you can create your own Casino or Slot review right here so we all get to hear what you think of it.