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So as you may know by now, I swapped the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas for the online casino world. I tell you something for nothing; you won’t find anyone who has spun the slots reel as much as I. You won’t find a single person on this holy ground that’s got lucky as much as I have… if you know what I mean. Anyway, I’m all for sharing – so here’s another one of my casino reviews.


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There ain’t no better sound than the ching ching ching of another big win on slots. It’s a sound all too familiar to me and you know what – it doesn’t just have to be me. There’s only one King in Nevada but with Slots Magic casino you can begin to feel what it’s like to be the King.

I’m always on the hunt for places which make me feel at home. I’ve cleared out the Vegas casinos too many a time and you all know I like a challenge. Slots Magic had a great range of games to the King’s liking and they treat you well when you join. All that’s left for you to do is jump right in and get spinnin’. You’ll be winning quicker than I can drink a Peach brandy. Ok, maybe not that quickly.   


Back when I started rollin’ through Nevada with a honey on each arm and whiskey aplenty there used to be no such thing as Mega Moolah slots. There was just a classic slot machine with one win line and none of these free spins and bonuses which I seem to get thrown at me these days. I’ve moved with the times, cowboy, and you should too. Slots Magic has so many slot machines that even the King hasn’t played them all. Whether you wanna be in Greece, China, Asia or Egypt there’s slots for everyone. I’ve never been to Greece but with my latest win… there ain’t no time like the present.

There’s 3D Slots, Video Slots and you can lines that you wouldn’t even have dreamed off back in the early days of Nevada. Now I’m not saying that I like to show off – but it’s good to know I’m the best around. If you think you can take me on when it comes to spinnin’ then head to the tournaments. They even let you enter with free spins so you won’t lose your fortune to the King. I’ll keep on winnin’ those free spins and bonuses, though.


I’ve always been a man for a jackpot. When you’re walking through the bright lights of a Vegas casino it’s easy to be distracted by the bar or, as I often was, the masseuse. When I’m in the zone though, the only slot for me is the one with the biggest jackpot bonus. I watch like the Devil in Disguise as people stick another dime and spin the reel with no joy – just adding to the progressive jackpot before that sound again when it’s my turn – ching ching ching!

There’s nine great jackpots on Slots Magic and the total is an impressive £5million. You’ll have to beat me to it, though. Whether it’s Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune, those jackpot bonuses got my name on it.

Table Games

Oh, there’s Blackjack and Poker and the Roulette wheel, a fortune won and lost on every deal. Viva Las Vegas. Oops, I got lost in the music – now where was I? There was many a night where I swapped the reel for the wheel and stuck a fortune on 8 – the King’s birthday always won. This online casino has it in the bag with tables and even the real experience with live Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. Just remember though, the dealer’s ain’t for touchin’.

Welcome bonuses

Now, listen here cowboy: what I’m about to tell you ain’t nothin’ but the sweet truth. When you sign up to win big on the slot machines or jackpots at Slots Magic you get free spins for a year. Enter code Y250 [HERE] and you’ll get 50 free spins instantly, with 10 free spins a week for the next 52. Now I was never one for math, but even I can tell you that’s over 500 free spins in just a year. If that don’t take your fancy then how about a 100% bonus up to £150 and 50 free spins on Starburst, 50% up to £125 on Gonzo’s Quest or Steam Tower. You get 50 free spins on Steam Tower or a massive 100 on Gonzo’s Quest.


There ain’t nothing worse than when something goes wrong. Now normally I’m all for a little less conversation and a little more action, please but sometimes it just ain’t possible. Slots Magic’s support is brilliant too, I can speak on Live Chat, via Email or even pick up the phone and there’ll be a lovely lady just waiting on the other side to answer every question. She seemed confused when I asked her for a double on the rocks though.

Deposits and Withdrawals

It ain’t as easy as just strutting up with a stack of cash anymore. In this new digital world though, I isn’t half easy. Slots Magic casino take Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Paysafecard, Eco and even PayPal. Even the King figured it out; it’s that easy.

Mobile Casino

Now if there’s one thing I enjoy in the life it’s having a cigar on my deckchair soakin’ in the sun. The best thing about Slot Magic casino is that I can use my phone or tablet and play away. There’s very few slot machines that I can’t play outside – so I can keep the winnings rolling in.


It definitely takes something special to compare to the buzz of Las Vegas on a Friday night but Slots Magic isn’t far off. For a man used to having it all under the bright lights of the strip; Slots Magic brings the strip to my fingertips. I’m not quite as friendly with the dealers (if you know what I mean) but it was a pleasure to do a casino review on them. Make sure you get involved and make the most of the free spins and bonuses.