Only the best casinos make it onto Elvis’ site

Ever get that feeling that there’s just too much stuff around you and you don’t know what’s the Penthouse apartment and what’s the dingy old ground level flat with no windows?

Well, I get it all the time. Like when they drop off fifty different pizza delivery leaflets through my mail box. How am I supposed to know which ones make the crust nice and thin just like I like it? Which ones use the proper Buffalo Mozzarella and which use that cheap, rubbery stuff? I wish that someone would just review the lot of them so I don’t have to eat fifty pizzas before I know which one is the best. Not that I have any issue with trying out 50 different pizzas. In the space of a week.

Well, I’m not in the pizza business but I’m most definitely in the Casino business.  That’s why I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing just about every slot ever made and trying out every Casino that has a www. before its name. 

I’ve then reviewed them all, rated them and compared how they stack up against each other. Essentially, I’ve divided it all into the following categories: 

1.     Slots reviews

2.     Casino reviews

3.     Game Developer reviews

You can read about what I look out for in each of the three categories by clicking on the link. 

The important thing to note is that there’s no room for junk on my site. I take my website as seriously as I take the early-bird offer at that ‘High Steaks’ joint down by the Bellagio where you can get 600 grams of steak for $15.99. Including a Coke and fries. 

You know me. I don’t like sending food back because that’s food that could be in my belly. But if I have to, I have to. And it’s the same thing here. If a Casino isn’t worthy of my readers, then it’s not even going to get a mention. Let alone a recommendation.

All the Casinos, slots and game providers mentioned here are quality. If they weren’t, they’d be on someone else’s site. Ha! So on my site I’ve separated the wheat from the chaff meaning that only the best online casino operators get flagged up here. 

The best relationships are built on trust and honesty. You think that California boy Tom Brady doesn’t trust his blockers to protect him from being turned into pulp every time he steps out on that football field? Of course he does. Trusts them with his life. Literally. 

And it’s the same thing with me. All my reviews are honest, transparent, truthful and objective. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And I know you wouldn’t, either.